Well – not exactly what we planned – but it looks like we will have two litters due in September!

Sterling was trying to get the howling dogs out of their kennels this morning so that they wouldn’t wake anyone (how sweet is he??) and when his back was turned – you guessed it – Martini and Dude got together.

This was a big lesson for the kids – we explained that the girls cannot breed at least until their second heat – now we have to work 10 times harder to keep Baby way from the boys. Baby is nowhere near read to have pups – we may even need to wait until her third heat.

In the mean time – Martini is ready – even though we planned on waiting. Of all of our females she is the ideal to breed. At over 9 lbs and very mature for her age, I don’t think we will have any issue with her whelping and raising the pups.

Double the fun this fall though!

We Are Gonna Be Grandparents!
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