I originally had an appointment to take Margie, Martini and Ginny to the vet on Thursday. Those three could be a handful so when my 17 year old didn’t have to go to work today I saw a perfect opportunity to have some extras hands to help!

Ginny needs her last set of shots and the girls were scheduled or their x-rays. Unfortunately the only opening they had was at 4:30. I usually go in the morning so I don’t have to deal with the kid’s impatience. With an appointment that late I would now have 4 extra sets of hands (A teenage son + teenage girlfriend = inseparable)

Ginny did AWESOME! Just a lil whine and a smaller whimper and she was done! She is officially a big girl now – rabies tag and all!

Margie is 49 days pregnant and Martini is 43 days. We knew we had a 50/50 shot with Tini but she has grown SO big in the last week (gained 1 whole pound even) we figured our chances were good.
Well – we didn’t get a 100% definite answer but we have a good idea – for Margarita! The vet was able to find what she thought were 3 pups. Margie IS pregnant – we will just need to get the definite pup count when we go back on the 13th!

We couldn’t see a thing on Martini. We still need to rule out a false pregnancy for her (which we honestly do not think is the case). She will be going back on the 20th for our second attempt.

Bye-Bye Girlish Figure
Any Day Now