…but it’s all good! I am tired for an amazing cause! With only two hours sleep since Thursday, we were up every two hours all night and right into today. The pups are amazing and are the only thing that keeps back the tears as we mourn for our sweet Margie.

We have named her first boy (the tan pup) Corkscrew. Corky for short. He was just too big for Margie to deliver naturally and was stuck in the birth canal. He was the “cork” for Margels. He would have been the first born and by far the largest – we were finally able to weigh him last night and he charts in at 5 5/8 ozs.

Her second boy has her adorable tan spots on his cheeks and above his eyes. With his black eye patches and little spots, he is much smaller than Corky and only weighs 4 3/4 ozs. We haven’t found the perfect name for him yet – the jury is still out.

It’s a family plan of attack keeping the boys fed and warm. The other dogs have all adjusted to the new whining sounds in the house. It’s as if they know they are Margels babies and they all watch over the puppy box with such care.

Heart Broken
Dude Seems To Know