My first full 24 hours with the puppies and I must say that they all have such unique personalities. They are all SO tiny – Uber tiny! And so playful with each other. This is going to be so much fun.

The short amount of time I was able to spend with Alabama I could see even though he was the smallest of the four – he is the spitfire of the bunch.

Bacardi appears to be the ideal lap dog. He isn’t the first to come running for play time but works hard to be the first to play with people. He loves the caress of our hands and to cuddle for hours on end. Other dogs are not his favorite playmates – people are.

Calypso is the calmest of the bunch. She truly is a follower and will make the perfect second dog for her new forever family. Playful enough to make a great playmate for Jake but cuddly enough to make her new mommy happier than ever!

Decadence is the most playful in the litter but not overly playful. She is the first to come running to our voices and LOVES to play with people. A very loyal little girl that will be the perfect buddy for Coconut. She will keep him company yet be able to hold her own too! The biggest kisser and cuddler too! I think she has my favorite temperament!!!!

The Babies Are Here!!!
Look Who Came To Visit!!!!