From the moment we walked into the building this morning, it was a world-wind. The power went out in the grooming area first thing so the entire ring time schedule got bumped an hour. For such an early start it was kind of a bummer to sit and wait.  It was all good though – Everyone got a fair start!

Everything got very staggered so our “possible” ring conflict turned into a most definite one and then some. I helped with showing one of the Toy Fox Terriers and then had to run to the Chihuahua ring so I didn’t get to see Alexis show in Pugs either. I was able to hear Alexis be asked to handle a Toy Manchester Terrier but couldn’t witness her do it either. I heard how amazing awesome she did though. Like there was ever a doubt?

I did get to see her rock it in the Cavalier King Charles ring. Her and Tabby did awesome and Alexis can’t wait to get to work more with her.  I also got to witness her rock it even more in the Junior ring. Her and Boomer did their thing for sure and ended this awesomely fun weekend in an awesomely AWESOME way. They earned a 2nd!!!!



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