We decided to drive down the West Palm Beach this afternoon so that we could get a nice start tomorrow morning. I had a lot of computer work that I needed to finish so after we arrived and unpacked, I settled down with my laptop and a cup of coffee. Georgie begged his way up onto the bed, just as he usually does but this time I pulled a unique move.

When we are at home, I don’t belly band him because we have a really hard time keeping the urine stains at bay. We do have the band him while in hotels though. Three intact boys in one room? Oh yeah! They are all belly banded!

I watched Georgie snuggle up into my blanket on the bed. I always bring something from home to sleep with at hotels. So when I saw him bury his front end in and under the blanket and leave his rear end out, I didn’t know what to think. Is he taking in the smells of home? Only cold on the top half? Weighed down in the rear? Don’t know why he did it but man it’s a trip!



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