Barbie and Harry’s babies are two weeks old today and I am here to tell you that the “slow to mature” lines have proven their existence with the fact that some of the puppies still do not have eyes open. KC’s litter opened a couple of days before their 14th day!

And now that we have reached the 2 week milestone I can also share that I have really struggled with how I am going to name this litter. I was leaning towards naming them after their father, using “naughty” and/or “charming” but honesty, there are not name cocktails out there with that theme. Following mom, “Barbie” is a tad too girly with so many boys in the litter. That’s when it hit me! The Rio Summer Olympics! Ohh yeah! I found some VERY cool cocktails – Be on the  lookout for their name announcements!



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