In all of the years and all of the litters, I have to say that this was a complete first! Our setup is as follows: A plastic storage bin laid on it’s side and then place it into a kiddie pool. Blankets, towels and pads are used to line and supply comfy cuddle spots. For the first couple of weeks I also include a heating pad in the setup to help the pups maintain their body heat. I place the heating pad between the pool and the bin. Usually, for the first couple weeks, you can find the puppies piled up in the center of the bin. That was until tonight.

I found the puppies piled up on the side of the bin,  between it and the side of pool. At first sight, it seemed to be no big deal. Perhaps they all came out to nurse on mom and regathered where they lay? One by one I picked them up to put them back into the center of the bin. It was the final puppy – Barbie’s third male – what was laying in the gap between the bin and the pool, right next to the heating pad. The puppy was rather warm to the touch and lethargic. Puppy cool-down was required along with some quick action.

A cool washcloth and some vigorous rubbing did the trick (you can also use rubbing alcohol on the pads of their feet and on their belly). He cooled off and after about an hour he was finally alert enough to nurse and cuddle off mom. I am back on puppy watch and we will supplement him for a bit to help increase that alertness.




Great First Day
A Few With Eyes Open