Today was a bath, nail trim and dry day for our crew and with so many light colored dogs and tear staining, we thought we would give a new product a try and see how it works. The reviews have been very positive so instead of using a tearless puppy shampoo to wash the face, we tried TropiClean Spa Facial. Everything was going great until we got to the very last dog – Mr. Georgie….

I do not know if it is the facial itself or a combination of the products we used on him including those in his regular regimen (Isle of Dogs Royal Jelly, Isle of Dog White Coat Evening Primrose and EZ-Groom Crystal White) or something complete unrelated but clearly Georgie had an allergic reaction and his ears turned the brightest shade of pink ever! They didn’t seem to bother him but is surly bothered me when I looked at it so 1 cc of Children’s Benadryl and about 5 minutes later and his ears were back to normal.




Mr. Stickster
Brothers From Other Mothers