This weekend there are dog shows up in Ocala and it’s also Alexis second full weekend workmen with Renee. We headed up a day early so that we can help with setup and so that we can be at the show site at the crack of dawn. This was our first time traveling with Pryia and my first time without MY kennel help. I dropped her off at the show site and then headed to the hotel to check in and unpack. It took me a little bit longer than it normally does but I was able to get it all done expect the trolley – that’s just way too heavy for me to do alone.

I headed over to Renee’s hotel to pick up Alexis and we hung out for a bit of pizza and chitty-chatting. We are staying at the Days Inn West will they are staying at the Days Inn North. Less than 5 miles from each other, ours may be one exit further from the show site but I think I like our too better. Roomy and quiet!



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