deland-chi-day2-2While Alexis is working her hiney off today, I walked over to the Toy Breed rings to show Georgie. I had entered him in this week’s shows, thinking we needed to earn those single points towards his champion title. Since I already paid for the entries, I moved him up into the Best of Breed class for this weekend’s show and next If there are any Grand Champion points to be had, he has to move up to earn them. This weekend there are no other male’s entered – PERIOD – so there are no points to be had. Well – If he took Breed, yes, but there are some very nice females here! So today we proudly accepted our Gimme Best Opposite Sex and then I went back to being kennel help for Alexis!

Ohhhhhh and by the way- MILLEY PASSED HER EYE EXAM! We have another CHIC Certified girl in the house!


Trying Out A Weekend Job
Margi is a Champion!