That was Alexis’ request after getting home from the vet where we dropped off Boomer to be cremated. She begged me to keep her busy so that she wouldn’t have to think. It’s already a work day but it is also prep day before a three day show weekend. Tomorrow she and Pryia will be making their AKC show debut in Junior Showmanship and it is also the first weekend that she will be assisting Renee.

Kristie introduced them and set up the chance for her to assist and they got together for a bit last weekend. Holding dogs ringside and helping in the grooming area, Renee sees the potential in Alexis and offered to help hone her skills. With 11 dogs to be shown, Renee came into town this afternoon and brought her crew to the shop to wash and dry. In addition to bathing and drying Priya she got to meet and bond with Renee’s other dogs.

Alexis was definitely kept busy, accompanying her on the drive to the Volusia County Fairgrounds to help Renee set up her area in the grooming area and tend to the dogs. Thank you so much to Renee, Kristie and Megan for helping keepAlexis focused on happy things while we mourn her heart dog. And thank you Renee for getting her exciting about all of the amazing new opportunities. Plus a chance to work with an additional Junior dog? Gronk the Smooth Fox Terrier is AWESOME!



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