When your dog earns it’s Champion title, you can move it up to the Best of Breed competition or leave it as a class dog to help maintain the points for the follow class entries. The unwritten rule is to ask the other class exhibitors which they would prefer. The norm is to hold the points because Ideally, when it’s their dog that wins, they too would maintain the points. I asked the question and did follow through on the request to keep the point in our case, in place of the rest of the weekend. This will be our last two trips around the class ring. Specifically in the 12-18 month class!

Georgie was just as driven minus a bit of tail up-age. First time ever I didn’t care what we got in the ring and proudly carried out the Reserve ribbon. ur competition today was spot on – Well earned!



A Day I Will NEVER Forget!
Celebrating With Friends