My Double Decker Mini Best in Show Trolley arrived this week (after a mishap with it being delivered to the wrong house by FedEx) and tonight we unpacked and set it up. OMG it’s perfect! With the Ocala show circuit coming up, it arrived at the perfect time and it is the perfect size!

With our 4 Berth Trolley being large enough to house Breezy the Whippet as well as two small dogs, Alexis can use the 4 Berth and I can use the new Mini! It takes both of us to load ad unload the 4 berth but I can pack up and load the mini all by myself! LOVE THATQ I can’t wait to test the theory out in two weeks. You just know I will be reporting back with the results! and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU KIM! It’s perfect!



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