For the sixth year in a row, we have headed out to the Orange County Convention Center for the annual AKC National Championships. In addition to Alexis working the full week for the first time, our biggest adjustment has been not calling it Eukanuba. This year it is sponsored by Royal Canin and everything is red instead of pink! Weird to adjust to! And Alexis is actually spending instead of coming home every night. Not me though. I will be making the drive every morning and then again every night. It would be just too many days away from home for both of us to stay. With all of the excitement from the championships we also have new things to share with everyone! New additions to our pack, new experiences to add to our list of adventures and news to finally be ablate share…

I drove up to the convention center today to help Renée and Alexis along with Team Valor as well as socialize Stella with the building. She will be showing in her first specialty on Friday. I spent a lot of time walking her around the building on the show leave.. Of course when I lifted her on top of the grooming table to have strangers go over her that is when I noticed our lovely Stella isn’t season. Isn’t that just lovely? It should make for an interesting week, that’s for sure. Especially since KC is also in season. Looks like I’ll be bringing them both with me tomorrow. It’s not fair to leave them home alone with the boys to drive them insane.




Burrrrrr To The Burr Burr
Two In Tow... and Then Three!