I headed back out to the Convention Center for the day and this time I brought both KC and Stella. Like I mentioned yesterday, I thought it best to bring the two girls that are in season with me so that the boys are not left home to experience a hormonal frenzy. Of course I also wanted to bring Stella to get her more comfortable with the show site. She seems a lot more comfortable on day two that’s for sure.

In addition to day two of working with Renée and Team Valor, Alexis got to show Japanese Chins for Mary Beth and will do so again tomorrow.  It is not as exciting has competing in Juniors but at least it’s something. She is grateful to just enter the ring plus she loves helping Mary Beth 😀







Exciting news of the day is today Boomer’s son – Boom Boom – is being delivered by Rayna’s friend Vanne. Today we have been so looking forward to since back in September. We still have to keep an eye on his testicles, we have one that keeps floating act up, so fingers crossed that he will get to stay! I will say that he is adorable as ever, a ball of energy and took to the lead within a few minutes. He even let me bathe him! That’s points in my book. Now I can’t wait for Alexis to come home and enjoyed him and all of his puppy wonder. Four more days until she is home.






Let The Games Begin!
Final Day of Prepping