So apparently even though we never saw Harry and Milly breed, that I palpated and felt nothing and I was completely convinced we had a false pregnancy on our hands, guess what we woke to??? Ooooooppppssss!

62 days past the first day we noticed her flagging, Milly birthed and cleaned up all on her own, a single 5 3/4 oz black and tan boy that we have actually decided to name “Oops!”

He is healthy as ever and clearly was way up in his mommy’s ribs yesterday, slowly working his way down early this morning. And it turns out that Milly is an amazing mother!!! Seriously! She is rather calm and affectionate but also very attentive. Boy did I have it all wrong. Pleasantly surprised but willing to admit my failure I am thrilled to see we have such an amazing outcome.




False Pregnancy
Oops is One Week Old