I don’t know if it was the blistering cold weather for the change in handlers but both Tino and Stella did amazing today. Tails up the entire time,  focused and quite calm with the judge. Of course she had very gentle hands which was helpful. Yesterday’s judge was very heavy-handed and he was wearing a hat! That can be quite scary for a tiny Chihuahua – Especially one that is skittish for it was their first time in the rain handling by the judge today and the dogs performance proves that for sure!

We brought Breezy for Alexis to show in juniors this weekend. We’ve learned our lesson and wish sure to bring a ton of deer to keep her warm. Man oh man ws it extremely cold this morning! Breezy war jammies, a jacket and two blankets to keep warm while she waited for her ring time. So many layers is what It took to keep her warm. She was a happy camper in the ring.



My greatest parts of showing is the amazing relationships you build. And when they’re on the road finding fabulous places together and have fun is a bonus! Murphy’s Oyster Bar in Ocala is the favorite for many of us. We had awesome night new friends and old filled with tons of happy memories!



Tino's Debut!
Coldest Yet