When Alexis asked if she could be the first one to take Tino into the dog show ring I was tickled pink! It was such a monumental day and for her to wish to be the one on the lead means her confidence has definitely increased. I am so proud! The pride continued when I watched Tino actually walk around the ring. Nine times out of 10 to six month old puppy is yanked and tugged around the ring. Not Tino! He walked the entire way! Now was it graceful? Not in anyway. It was more like playtime to him but he made it. He did it. I’m so proud!



With Alexis taking in Tino, decided to take Stella into the ring. Changing things up might kick up her confidence too. She actually walked to the entire ring with your tail up until one point at the very end. She came within feet of the judge and she actually did very well on the table. We’ve made huge progress. What more can I ask for?






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