We’re back in Lakeland how one of my favorite show circuits of the year. Being in the hangers at the airport can be amazing or downright miserable. It all depends on the weather! This will make for Tino’s first official somewhat indoor show. It will be interesting to see how we does over the next three days. Today he was a tad bit anxious with all of the echoes and sound but I think by Monday he will be much better. Stella was her same old self. She walked around the ring beautifully but then became skittish on the table, as she usually does, and of course stopped on the way back down to the judge.

A dear friend and fellow breeder/exhibitor, Darius, and I had a very serious conversation about my sweet Stella. I am really proud of the work I have done to get her out of her shell and to be comfortable around people and other dogs. Darius was a witness on the day that we got her and sees just how far I’ve come with her. He sees the amazing potential in Stella so a very serious conversation was had. His skills and abilities and handling far exceed mine. We have devised a plan to join forces and co-own this is very special girl. Between the two of us we are bound and determined to get her finished! Future Stella babies ARE our future! I am so excited!!!!



Oops Checked Out Perfectly!
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