Stella went home with Darius yesterday and she came back today all gussied up, that’s for sure! Look at her! She looks amazing! And she showed amazing too. Totally focused on and free baited from him, she didn’t pause a bit on the down and back to the judge! OMG!!! He’s a miracle worker – or as my husband stated… He has magical dog powers!

Tino actual did very well. While yesterday he as surfing the mats for random dropped pieces of bait, today I fed him a bit before we got the show grounds. A lot less looking for food for which made for a lot more focus on ME! He did great on the table – the first time he didn’t balk since the judge with the scary-hat-cident! Figgy dogs are finally on a good roll! YAHOOO!! I think the airport is bringing us luck 😀





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