Breezy and Tino are honestly they best of friends. They play together, nap together, and even sometimes eat together. They are the oddest pair but it works, I tell ya!

So, Breezy has a very weird habit – She loves to chew the squeakers out of toys! We have had a basket filled with dog toys that have never been touched for several years, that was until Breezy entered our lives. She has successfully gutted anything with a squeaker. Now she has figured out that the tiny puppy toys still have squeakers in them and also that I wash them every single day.

This is how I found her this afternoon. Searching the dryer for the latest batch that was being laundered. And there was Tino watching out for me. I also think Tino was waiting for Breezy to drop the loot! Either way the picture captured their relationship perfectly!







OMG It Was Amazing!
Major First For Me