OMG Today was absolutely AMAZING! If it takes finding courage to travel alone to achieve such amazing things, I will travel every weekend! WOWZERS! Ok, I think I best fill you in, aye?…

It started basically right after I walked into the ring for the Bred-By Dog class. The judge looked down at Tino, smiled and said, “That’s a very nice puppy!” From first place in the Bred-By Class to Winner’s Dog earning is first 2 point win! I was beyond thrilled and of course, beamed with pride. When we went back in for best of breed, we brought the rear with a dear friend, Arlene, on the winner’s bitch. Honestly at that point, I was so happy to get two points I didn’t even think about the fact that there might’ve been a crossover. I would’ve loved for Arlene to have gotten points on her adorable girl. There were some very nice dogs in ring today I was just tickled pink to be a part of the competition. When the judge pulled Tino and I out first, I of course assumed it was for Best of Winners. To my shock and awe, he actually selected Tino for BREED! My 7.5 month old bred-by puppy was his Best of Breed!!

Sticking around for groups has never been such a pleasure or are exciting for me. Honestly being surrounded by friends who witnessed such an amazing win, and then to have them stay to watch me groups? I could die tomorrow and never wish for another thing in my life! It was truly an honor and absolutely amazing! And as Tino and I made our jaunt around the ring, I was just so honored to be there, never expecting what happened to happen…

First, all of that cheering for our little team was like no other. I am sure my smile could’ve been witnessed from across the room. Thank you to everyone cheered us on!  When Judge Douglas Johnson pointed to us as the 5th selection in his cuts, I the crowd actually screamed with joy! It was honestly like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Absolutely amazing! Clearly he liked my little boy and I definitely took note. I cannot wait to show Tino to Doug  Johnson once he is older and more mature! I am so unbelievably honored today and I promise to make the judge proud with TIno’s accomplishments over the next few years!

We also earned best owner handler but we had two things going against us. First Tino is just a puppy and got very tired after groups. Second we had a rather lengthy wait for the remaining competitors as they made the cut and also got a group placement. I’m sure the whole world knows a group placement is going to win over an “over it” 7.5 month old puppy! We got 3rd place – out of three – but the ribbon is very pretty! No matter what, I am unbelievably proud of my little dude – He gets steak tonight!!!!


In other Figgy dog new, I got to wear a very special necklace in the groups rings, to bring us luck. Little Cupie crossed over the rainbow bridge back on December 30, but Rita had this precious charm made with her picture on it. Rita loaned it to me to wear into the ring. I know sweet Cupie was with us! I could feel her there, that’s for sure.

Tori showed Breezy beautifully, earning her a 3rd place. Not bad for her first time ever with her. Tori plans to work with her more over the weekend and we will see if we can get her exceptionally long nails cut so that Tori can show her at other shows too!

Stella came with Darius this weekend but I got to show her because of a ring conflict. She actually showed beautifully for me! Clearly the judge loved our Tino and couldn’t see past him 😉 She got 3rd too. I am sure tomorrow with Darius on her there will be better results! Today was simply not her day! Both girls did very well – Very happy!






Major First For Me
Stella's First 2 Points!