Breezy is the only Whippet in a house filled with Chihuahuas. She has picked up on some Chi habits – some not so great and others that are down-right adorable!

First, she joins in the Chihuahua howls when a new person walks into the house or room.  She’s found her voice that is for sure and it is much louder than any of the Chihuahuas. She also has given up on the dog bed we purchased for her – you know, the one large enough for her to comfortably lay on? She chooses the tiny beds to roll herself into a ball to lay in.

This week she has decided that the back of the couch is her next favorite napping spot. We have a couple Chihuahuas that have claimed the back of the couch since they were puppies. Clearly she discovered the comfort and has found her spot! Right behind me on the couch of course.




Thanks Breezy!
The Line Up