So today we had the Chihuahua Club of Atlanta Specialty and I was honored to be able to show my little guy! After two days on the road in Georgia, day three he finally relaxed and showed the world his true him – His terrier like qualities and “look at me, I want to WIN this” attitude! That he most definitely did this morning and everyone took note. Especially the judge! He took WInner’s Dog, and then went on to win Best of Winners! After that, We won Best Bred-By Exhibitor too!!! Seriously! Thank you judge Audrey Lycan for this amazing win!  BEYOND HONORED!!!

I think one of the best parts of the win was getting to experience it with my dear friend Shelly – and her Bred-By female! Rooting on your friends is just as fulfilling that’s for sure! Stella won her class and looked like a million bucks out there! I have to hide when she is in the ring still – which is fine, I am able to watch from afar.

All in all it was a fabulous weekend here in Georgia and I can’t wait to come back agin. Darius has the been the perfect travel companion, getting to relax a bit on my new health kick and learn to celebrate the little moments. Gummy Bears and ice cream at 2 am or stopping at Dairy Queen for a Blizzard on the drive home to celebrate the weekend’s successes. I do need to live a little!


No Chicken Dinner
Came Home With Company