I have been waiting years to attend the Perry, Georgia dog shows. Having someone to share the long drive with was always the biggest issues. The second being,  having a dog I felt was worthy enough to make the trip to show. Now that I have teamed up with Darius, the first issue was resolved. A travel partner that likes the same type of music as you? Oh yeah, this traveling to dog shows thing is going to be awesome! We drove up last night to make it here for this morning’s early ring time. Havanese and Chihuahua’s both in the morning – Makes it for an easy day!

Tino did well but there was a little hesitation on the table. He earned his second place ribbon with pride. It’s all good! Stella on the other hand did awesome! She showed like a complete rockstar! So much so that the judge decided to give her Winner’s Bitch! Oh Yeah! Stella’s third point!!! YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!

I brought Georgie along for the socialization as well as to keep Tino company during the trip. Contemplating getting him back in the ring, How he behaves this weekend will determine that for sure. So far he has been fabulous with the Havanese – He usually barks non-stop at other breeds – So maybe I will enter him in Deland?

Now back to the hotel room to nap! The drive was long but fun. Didn’t get to bed until about 3 AM this morning. Time to rest up for tomorrow!


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