So my wish for yesterday to be a simple blip on Tino’s radar did not come true. He was actually very agitated on the table with absolutely no patience whatsoever. I was very stern putting him back into place but he was not going to have any of it. The judge today was so kind and patient, hoping that Tina would finally get his shit together but it just never happened. He kindly said, he’s young, just work on getting him focused. Very very true and honest advice. So that is what I shall do for the next month… Work on training him to remain focused on ME!

All was not lost today though. I got to spend time with some amazing friends, which is worth it’s weight in gold! Another awesome show weekend for the memory books! With Milly due with her puppies in July, we won’t be showing again for another month so that gives me lots of time to to work with Tino. Now we shall be on whelp watch!!








No Repeat
Quite The Fun Trip