Driving down to Tampa with No dog in the car and walking around the fairgrounds today was extremely surreal. Granted, I got to enjoy the afternoon with my wonderful husband, but I haven’t been to a dog show without a dog in over 10 years! My heart hurts knowing that I this could not participate in my own club’s specialties this weekend. I was so proud and excited to show Tino – The result of all of my hard work! I still wanted to show my moral support, so I came to watch and cheer them on!

The dog show world has been rocked by this canine flu the numbers have been drastically low. Absent and canceled entries are leaving shows at one-third the normal  headcount. I worry about the clubs being able to financially rebound for these hits! Look at the photos my husband took of the show sight! It’s virtually empty!

The entires were at a record low for our club but that didn’t stop the excitement! For the first time we had an International entry (From Greece!) and he happened to win both varieties AND of course, breed! Very exciting to watch- both were very nice dogs! Major congrats to Apostolos & Georgios!




Unbelievably Honored!