Not that Iwould ever expect the same thing to happen two days in a row but what did happen was the furthest from my mind. I have worked SO hard on getting Tino to behave on the table and not freak out when the judge put their hands on him. It all started his very first show weekend with a very handsy judge wearing a hat! He was so perfect the last two shows that what transpired today was very frustrating!

Our judge was definitely NOT a toy breed judge and got right into TIno’s face right off the bat. She then took a very long time going over him – like rubbing her hands all over him several times, over and over again. He was getting a tad impatient but tolerating it. It was when she got to his rear and checked for testicles that he had finally had it! She was back there a very long time, and seemed to be digging for them. When he was younger they were tiny and sat in front of each other. This did make for some awkward and uncomfortable moments for him while we were table training but again, I finally had him broken of that. UNTIL TODAY!  Now? They are HUGE for his size! There is no way you cane miss them!!! And they are sensitive!!!!! He was so done and finally sat his butt down on the table and didn’t want her back there again. She seemed frustrated at his resistance and you could tell that at that point, it was over. It’s all good! Let’s hope this was just a blip on his radar and that tomorrow Tino will go back to his table-happy self!


Outside of the dog show ring, there was a lot of excitement! First, I was told yesterday by a friend that it was time to step up my hair style. I needed to rid myself of the mom-cut and get “texturized”. I stepped into Arvind’s grooming area and got GROOMED! I have to tell you, I have never received such an awesome cut! Seriously! He layered and texturized like I have never seen! I think I need to setup a trim appointment in another month or so – He’s Amazing! And do you think I look like the Long Island Medium????

The excitement didn’t stop there! Guess who is the on-site veterinarian this weekend??? Dr. Susan Rodgers, they very veterinarian that brought our sweet Tino into this world! YES! That Dr. Rodgers! The only surviving puppy from the special c-section litter from KC, she was there from conception through their birth. It was just so cool to have her there to witness his adorableness and success.




Unbelievably Honored!
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