This summer has been exceptionally filled with afternoon thunder storms – We have seen quite a few severe storms this year! Our summer dogs (those born in the summer/spring months) are handling it fine. It’s the winter dogs that are having a pretty hard time. Breezy, Dude, Cosmo, and Blue are the worst! They can sense the storms off in the distance and alert us to their approach sometimes an hour before they arrive! Cowering in blankets or on the back of the couch, whining and whimpering, with some of them following our every step as if we can stop the madness! Poor things! Cosmo is on high alert this afternoon while Dewey is simply taking advantage and using his body heat!

Now I have to say that our newest litter of puppies are lucky to have been born this summer! They will be accustom to the thunder booms- You’re welcome future Figgy Chihuahua Puppy Families!









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