The final day of any show is bitter sweet but with the 10 hour drive ahead of us, today was exceptionally different than most. We had some late afternoon ring times, starting the day with Chihuahuas. We checked out of the hotel and packed up or stuff and all of the dogs early this morning and headed to the show site, knowing we were pulling out for the drive home as soon as Havanese were done. We agreed before hand, there were no if’s and’s or but’s – The drive was going to be brutal if we stayed late!

The entries today were less in number but no less impressive. Stella was a tad spooked in the ring today – probably tired – but Darius was able to help her pull it together. She apparently has the new Reserve Queen title – you guessed it! Reserve three days in a row! TIno on the other hand was a rockstar! Pranced around the ring like he owned it, great on the table, fabulous on his down and back – So much so that it was on his back that the judge said, “And there you have it – BREED!” His first Best of Breed as a Champion! And his second Major towards his Grand Champion Title! He also took Best Owner Handler but because of our agreement,  we had to skip both Group rings. He still earned his 5 Owner-Handler points – I can’t wait to see if this weekend has him anywhere on the ranking list!


We didn’t pull out of the show site parking lot until almost 3:20 pm and the drive back to Florida took every bit of 10 hours with the stops. Of course we took advantage of the record breaking Powerball and purchased tickets in each State. I dropped Darius off and then started the trek to my house. I knew my body had hit it’s limit about 30 minutes into the final stretch and the Days Inn in Ocala called my name. Tino, Style (yes, she is coming back to the FIggy house for the next couple of weeks) and I have cuddled up the king size bed here at our old Ocala show hotel spot, with a late check out – I am sleeping in!!!!!!





Day Two Was Amazing!
A Pit Stop