Our last day in Kenner was filled with lessons, excitement and a new addition to the Figgy crew!

For the first time, both my entries were in their variety’s Best of Breed competition as Champions! While neither placed or gained points, they BOTH earned Best Owner-Handler for their variety. I had to choose which to take into the Groups ring and I picked Tino. He did fabulous for the first 10 minutes in the ring but I lost his focus about three dogs before our turn on the table. He was fine on the table itself but I never got him to refocus after I took my hands off of him. It’s all good though – He needs to learn new skills now that he is a champion!!!!!

The Figgy Chi’s accomplishments aside, I was approached with an opportunity to bring home a Frenchie! I have always wanted to be able to show a small breed that is NOT in the Toy Group. I have always leaned towards the Boston Terriers but when Rick mentioned that he had a French Bulldog looking for a new home and asked if I would be interested in giving him a go, I said YES!

First, if Sawyer matures into a show prospect he will be fun to show! Second, he will make a fabulous playmate for Margie! Very excited to see how things go and am so thrilled to have found Dolly to be an amazing travel companion – This was a great adventure that I will never forget!



We Have A New Champion!!
He's Pooped