With almost half of the entries not showing up today, I should have known that a mid-week show would not bring the points. We earned a Select with no points so as my daughter says… At least you got a ribbon!

I need to thank Dolly who happened to notice that I needed a few grooming tips. The black spot on Tino’s back is a tad too fluffy, making his perfect tailset look off. Dolly was kind enough to show me how to correct the visual conundrum. Tino was kind enough to be patience through the process.

He and Georgie have taken in the Biloxi show site with excitement and I hope to get them out to see ore of the area during the trip. Georgie is such an amazing travel companion for Tino, keeping him company and entertained. We will be here long enough that we should all be able to do a bit of beach sight seeing since it is right across the street from our hotel.



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