We got to sleeping today which is something we rarely get to do with Chihuahuas at dog shows. 8 and 8:30AM ring times is usually the norm. Tino, Georgie and I totally took advantage and rested up for a long dog show afternoon.

I was so beyond honored to have started our afternoon winning Best of Breed over some very nice competition. We also won Best Owner Handler. Since Hope plans to show Tino in juniors at the Toy Dog Show this month, I offered her the chance to show him in regular Groups after I showed him in Owner-Handler. Tino showed like a rockstar in OH but didn’t get any love. The handoff to for groups was seamless, handing him over to bond ringside while the other groups competed. It clearly did the trick because  the two did amazing together. I have never gotten on the ground with him in the ring an to see him play and interact with her was so awesome! I have no doubt in the world that they will rock it in Kissimmee!!

I brought Georgie along today to see if he would work well with Hope. The bonding wasn’t so successful. He is truly a momma’s boy. I think if he went home and bonded with her it would eventually click for him but I also think he is the type to only show for me. It was worth a go though!




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