With the hurricane brewing in Florida and making it’s way into the Gulf, we spent yesterday in Biloxi, taking in the beach, the chance to sleep in (crazy thought while at a dog show) and enjoying friends and their amazing hospitality! (Thank you Rick, Katie and Chrissy for the amazing afternoon lunch and fabulous home cooked dinner) After hearing how we fared back at the house (loss of power for 24 hours, no trees down but some fence panel damage and a ton of branches in the yard) we decided to battle the flow of traffic and try to make it home to Central Florida.

We packed and headed out this morning bright and early – hitting the road at 9 am. Word on the street was that the traffic backups were rather extensive and that we should expect to see more backroads than highways. That was an understatement! Honesty! The pileup of cars on I10 was like nothing I have ever seen and the patience of our fellow travelers was beyond appreciated! Dolly and I made the journey a memorable one, filled with laughs, smiles and potty breaks!

She and her family do not have power at her house but we do so when we received a call from a friend and fellow breeder that was also without power I jumped right in to help! He had two 6 week-old Frenchie puppies and their mommy that needed to be in the safety of cooler temperatures so while we were on the road, my hubby was at home setting up quarters for our guests. They arrived tis afternoon and settled in immediately!

Of the 8 hour drive turned onto a 17 hour drive, with me doing the final 2.5 hours from Dolly’s near Ocala, I went through some of the scariest scenes ever! From no power for miles and driving through intersections with turn signals that were out to debris everywhere and power lines across the road. Have never been so happy pulling onto my driveway!




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