Mr Tino has done it again! He took Best of Breed today at the Brandon Kennel Club show as well as Owner-Handler! I am actually quite impressed with this win because this judge can be a but tricky! It was a complete crap shoot today and I was beyond pleased to see him get the recognition.

In addition to this major accomplishment, allowing me to stay all day here in plant city, I was able to bring Tipsy along with me for the day for her to be socialized. She was quite the popular young lady, stealing everyones hearts and attention.

Rita brought Kisses this morning, allowing the sisters to get their first taste of being the ground at a dog show, together! I think that made the lessons a bit more tolerable. But after Rita left for the day it was Billie quickly picked up on her adorableness, asking if she could take her around and socialize her. How could I say no? I even left her with Billie while I headed to lunch with the girls (Best Mexican food I have had in a very long time by the way!)

I initially brought her to Arvind for an evaluation. He quickly saw her attributes and shared his excitement to watch her in 2018. No Arvind, she’s not for sale! Right after that is when Billie scooped her up and off they went. so meet the world. Tipsy will be fearless by the end this weekend. Handed off to anyone welling to love on an adorable Chihuahua puppy!

We got no love in regular owner handler groups but that didn’t stop us from continuing the fund. Renée and her team Valor have definitely decided that they need a Chihuahua to add to their bunch. I’m going to do my best to get them the best! We all headed out to dinner together to celebrate the day’s wins and discuss the future of the team with a Chihuahua in the pack. Can’t wait!



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