Finding a great forever home is not an easy task. Finding a great friend home that will also take two puppies from the same litter? A true miracle! Guess what? A miracle has occurred! When Carole contacted me with interest in both the boys I was beside myself! They were such a perfect family and these boys were so bonded. It would make the transitions so easy. And they would have their own lap absolutely perfect!

Millie truly is the most amazing mommy I ever had my program. Not only is whelping and raising the puppy effortless for her but she is so easy-going and friendly. She knows no stranger. She gave Carole and Gerald two paws up, greeting them with tails a waggin’ and jumping right into their laps to meet them and give her approval.

Congratulations to you all! The perfect forever family two perfect boys to call your own!



Boy's Bathtime
Sandy aka Kisses