Today was more of the same for us in the Breed Ring – BOS for Mr Tino to Dolly and Issue, an again, we got Owner Handler. The drive home is just too long for me to justify staying we we headed back after Juniors were done.

We have decided that I will take Breezy back home with me. Between the Tollers being too rough on her and her amazing change in attitude after a single night away from Emma, plan is to have birthday with us and I will bring her to Emma when she needs to show her. She gets so excited to see her after being apart! This was quite apparent today when not only did they take first place but they also took Reserve the best Junior!

I also got my hands on an amazing Sr. John Knit jacket! Renée was selling it and it looks so awesome on me! All I need to do is pick up the navy skirt and I’m good to go. Very excited! Ebay, here I come!

Wally waited for the juniors I got to spend the time helping Jessica with all the Shelties! That’s always a lot of fun. Jessica is so sweet – Love any chance to help her! I also got to officially meet Jessica Lagrath ad her amazing Cockers. We have been at shows and seen each other for years but today I was standing next yesterday’s BIS who very quickly discovered that I store bait in my bra on the left side. He was ALL over me! Quite comical actually. Funny enough that he is now considered my BIS Boyfriend! We ALL bonded over chicken!

Great weekend in Fort Pierce and now a long drive home. Adios my friends! Until next time! Ohhhhh and Darius… you owe me big time!




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