So the start of the fall dogs show season is upon us and I decided to drive up to Ocala early so I could set up our spot for the next two weeks. I’m so sad Renée can’t be here this weekend… It’s odd being in her spot and setting up without her. But she’ll be here for the second week, which makes me so happy. It’s just not the same without her.

I also decided to bring both of the puppies for some socialization. Staying at a hotel for the first time with both Charlie and Tipsy should be interesting! I need to get Tipsy trained to show in the grass outside. She is showing in the puppy matches next week. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well!

The old-timers…Tino and Georgie… are here of course as they always are and hopefully will help influence the young ones – Influence for the GOOD!!  This will be the pup’s first night sleeping in a carrier. I think I need toes and fingers crossed for that. Wish us luck!



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