South Florida shows are usually small but the was Darius’ club’s show so I decided to end just to show my support. Unfortunately some last-minute plans kept him from being able to actually participate in his club’s show so I decided to get a hotel and stick around to help in his absence. Motel 6 saved my butt! Well kind of…

Tino and I showed this morning and I am proud to say we got Best of Opposite Sex to Dolly and Issue. I am beyond honored, Issue is a beautiful girl! I also got to stick around this afternoon to watch Emma and Breezy in the Junior ring – Always a major bonus for me! She is starting to show her typical dislike of the show ring so I offered to allow her to stay with me tonight at the hotel. Sometimes being away makes her reconnection very strong. We shall see how she shows for her tomorrow. She was a little bit reserve today. Let’s hope tomorrow goes better.

Tipsy came along for her second travel weekend and as always, she was a huge hit! The dog show community is so awesome to help in socializing puppies! As I was tending to the Match Sign up table, up walked a fellow breeder, picked up Tipsy and off they went! PERFECT!! Of course Terry also did the same along with Karen and the girls – More familiar face for our crew!!!

I stayed at the show site this evening to not only root on Dolly with Kelly AND Nicco in the Group Rings but to also with help run the B Match that Dauris was in charge of. Thank you Janice for stepping an helping as well. The event went off without a hitch and was a true success!

Tonight Dolly brought us to a local Thai restaurant for another fun evening of food adventure. I always let her choose my meals when we got out for Asian food and I have never been disappointed. Tonight I was shocked but pleasantly pleased! The food was good. Scary to look at, but good! She knows I am on a special diet with low to no carbs and that fish and green veggies is about all I eat. Well this was fish alright! OMG! I cant believe I ate it!

It was when I got back to the hotel with Breezy and settled in for the night that I realized that the my room was going to be a problem – Apparently we had a case of bed bugs! OUCH!!!! I scratched and itched like nothing else and was miserable enough to pour myself a bath to get some relief.



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