Being a Thursday, the entries are usually small at midweek dog shows and today was no different. Dolly is here again this week with Issue – and she is a very nice female. The odds of Tino beating her for Breed are rather slim so again, we are here to earn those on a handler points! There was no owner handler competition today so we can just call it a practice run. We took our Best opposite sex with pride and will try again tomorrow.

I’m staying up here by myself  in Ocala at hotel with the dogs. I have Georgie, Tino, Tipsy as well as Charlie with me. It was on the cold side today so when I got back to the hotel I took a nice hot shower to warm up. I popped out of the shower to quite the sight – All four of the dogs greeting me! The show dogs don’t make it upstairs so humans in the shower is not something they ever get to experience. I am usually in a hotel with someone else so dogs in the bathroom just haven’t been able to happen. Until tonight, that is.  They were oddly perplexed but also entertained! I suppose I should call this yet another opportunity for socialization?









Comfort Food With Friends
Her First Win!