While I absolutely love my life being surrounded by Chihuahuas, on this Thanksgiving, I wish to give thanks for the gifts that Junior Showmanship has brought into our family’s lives. Not only unbelievable opportunities for my daughter to experience the amazing life skills learned from such a supportive community but also the ability that expand the breeds in our home, teaching us the fabulous differences these breeds have from our Chis!

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would own a Whippet. The average non-dog person doesn’t even know what a Whippet is and honestly they are such an amazing breed! Breezy has come so far with us and to our amazement, has fit it perfectly into our pack – often times mimicking the Chihuahua ways! Margie is the source of our smiles, entertainment and never ending affectionate love! Such a sweet and giving breed that you simply cannot help but fall in love with! These two girls have taught us to much and never could we even imagine life without them in it!



Day Two Was Fun Too
Our Own Jungle-Gym