My first day in Ocala has been bittersweet. Being without Renée is just not fun. I’ve had Jessica with me all day… A True Blessing… And we have bonded over gummy bears! The addiction to Haribo Gold gummy bears has transferred to Renée and her crew. Jessica immediately asked when she saw me if I still had gummy bears in my car. Of course I do! I always do! So we decided to dip into a bag to help us get through the day. It was the perfect remedy!

While I managed the infamous Team Valor spot at the show site, a ring conflict prevented me from having to help show Havanese but also mad eye have to show Lakeland Terriers which turned out to be beyond entertaining! Curtis and Roadster are staying with me in my room this weekend and we have had troubles getting “# 2’s” so the fact that we didn’t have THAT happen in the ring was a miracle but everything else that DID happen will require a separate post!

In the Figgy world, the news is great! First, Tipsy actually walked a bit in the grass today. That’s a huge accomplishment because the temps are less than warm in the mornings up here (she shows next weekend at 8 am!!!) Both pups did great chillin ringside and the big boys of course were their regular awesome selves. Now Tino was being a MAJOR pistol in the ring though. I don’t know what has gotten into him. A COMPLETE PISTOL! The moment we start walking he starts fiddling and jumping around. His Select was a gift and I am very thankful we were the only entry for Onwer-Handler! It was a miracle he actually held it together in the OH Group Ring because…. He got a Group Four!!!!  Ohhh yeah!!!! Great way to end day one!


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