Boy did I have a lot to do today! Not only did I get to use my amazing leash holdings skills but I also got to do a photo session! Family Christmas photos and senior portrait,s in addition to ringside candids! I was totally in my element and loving my time behind the lens!

Hanging with Sandy and Michelle was hands-down the best part of the day! Those two make me laugh and smile like no others. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to spend this time with them this week. The memories are truly lifelong! Trying on St. John Knits and spending way too much money on them. Nonsurgical facelifts and them talking me out of spending a ton of money on products that I could get for quarter of the price somewhere else. And just driving back and forth and all of the bonding conversations! LOVE YOU SANDY!!!

I rounded out the day just as I have to last six years. We set up the CCA Meet the Breed booth for this weekend! Barbara put her amazing talents to work yet again, creating another amazing booth for us to tend to this year. She really put her heart and soul into the artwork and it shows! I can’t wait to see how we do in this year’s competition.



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