Figgy's Baby Dudette

Baby is solid chocolate Chihuahua with yellow/green eyes and short nose. She is confident and reserved but very loving. Baby barks to join the pack – she rarely initiates barking. The perfect example of a purse dog – she loves to be spoiled and pampered.

Baby is a spayed and spoiled princess in our family and spends the majority of her days eating or napping on the couch.

Registered Name: Figgy’s Baby Dudette Nickname: “Baby”
Colors & Markings: Chocolate with White Markings Coat: Smooth Coat
Weight: 6.5lbs Gender: Female

Another Weekend Together

Baby and Dude are back together again this weekend just like old times - As the oldest tow in the crew, they rocked this o=sue 10 years ago as the two alphas. Now they live on laps like a king and queen - or in this weekend's case, right next to the grill that is mass...

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Now Lookie Here!

Baby, our second Chihuahua, took to our oldest the moments she became part of the family. Even as a tiny puppy, she knew her human was Bradley! She turned 10 back in November and oh the adventures these two have taken in the last few years. He moved out and got...

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Spa Day

Baby went with her "person" - my oldest son - and his new and amazing wife, when they moved to Texas. She fit right in Chewey, the Yorkiepoo, and together, they have had quite a few adventures. From paddle-boating to helping feed the ducks to weekends captured on...

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