Figgy's CoCo Cosmopolitan

Cosmo is chocolate spotted on white Chihuahua with cream points and chocolate ticking.

He was a rescue that we brought home to join our pack and  makes a fantastic uncle to our puppies.

Registered Name: Figgy’s CoCo Cosmopolitan Nickname: “Cosmo”
Colors & Markings: Chocolate & White with Cream Points Coat: Smooth Coat
Weight: 9lbs Gender: Male


The Storm Cuddle

This summer has been exceptionally filled with afternoon thunder storms - We have seen quite a few severe storms this year! Our summer dogs (those born in the summer/spring months) are handling it fine. It's the winter dogs that are having a pretty hard time. Breezy,...

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Poor Cosmo

We had a last minutes St Patty's Day gathering here at the house and I suppose we got a tad loud - OK, we were playing poker and it got rambunctious - and Mr. Cosmo, who pees himself when it merely rains, suddenly was nowhere to be found. During my search for the...

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Big Bowl Buddies

With big dogs in the house we have added bigger bowls to the mix. Come to find out Breeze is one of the dogs in the house that leaves kibble behind. Our skinny dogs - Georgie, Dewey and Olive - have another skinny-minney to add to the club. Dude and Cosmo cue in on...

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