Figgy's Dude Newton
Dude is a sabled fawn with white markings. He is laid-back and extremely friendly with all of his human friends. He’s a man’s man’s dog – The couch and the lap are his form of heaven.

Dude is a neutered forever pet in our home who loves go to bed early and sleep in as late as he can. Yes – He is spoiled rotten!

Registered Name: Figgy’s Dude Newton Nickname: “Dude”
Colors & Markings: Black Sabled Fawn with White Markings Coat: Smooth Coat
Weight: 7lbs Gender: Male


I Think They Approve

We have been in the market for a new sectional for over a year now. Finding the perfect furniture for our dog-filled lifestyle has not been an easy task. We did a two piece corduroy setup that was hands down, the most comfortable furniture ever! It dint clean so well...

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Big Bowl Buddies

With big dogs in the house we have added bigger bowls to the mix. Come to find out Breeze is one of the dogs in the house that leaves kibble behind. Our skinny dogs - Georgie, Dewey and Olive - have another skinny-minney to add to the club. Dude and Cosmo cue in on...

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And So They Wait

Every time I head out to take Alexis to or pick he up from work, these three amigos have to be placed into the front family room. If they aren't in the front room they have special little Chihuahua meltdowns. This usually includes howling, a lot of jumping up and down...

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