Figgy's Dude Newton
Dude is a sabled fawn with white markings. He is laid-back and extremely friendly with all of his human friends. He’s a man’s man’s dog – The couch and the lap are his form of heaven.

Dude is a neutered forever pet in our home who loves go to bed early and sleep in as late as he can. Yes – He is spoiled rotten!

Registered Name: Figgy’s Dude Newton Nickname: “Dude”
Colors & Markings: Black Sabled Fawn with White Markings Coat: Smooth Coat
Weight: 7lbs Gender: Male


The Greeter

Dude has always been a dog that prefers humans over fellow canines but in his old age, he seems to have a toddler melt-down if he cannot greet and give affection to anyone who enters our home! I mean, "scratch at the door until the paint peels off" melt-down!!!...

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Another Weekend Together

Baby and Dude are back together again this weekend just like old times - As the oldest tow in the crew, they rocked this o=sue 10 years ago as the two alphas. Now they live on laps like a king and queen - or in this weekend's case, right next to the grill that is mass...

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The Storm Cuddle

This summer has been exceptionally filled with afternoon thunder storms - We have seen quite a few severe storms this year! Our summer dogs (those born in the summer/spring months) are handling it fine. It's the winter dogs that are having a pretty hard time. Breezy,...

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