Figgy's Sloe Gin Fizz

Ginny dark blue spotted on white Chihuahua and cream points. She has the most beautiful grey eyes and blue nose. Ginny is – hands down – the sweetest dog you will ever meet! She is the matriarch to our program who now enjoys life on the couch with her humans who adore her.

Registered Name: Figgy’s Sloe Gin Fizz Nickname: “Ginny”
Weight: 6.5lbs Coat: Long Coat
AKC# TR67993301 Gender: Female
Colors & Markings: Blue Spotted on White Tri Color Cardiac OFA# CH-CA322/35F/P-NOPI
Patella OFA# CH-PA770/35F/P-NOPI Eye CERF Pending
CHIC# Coming Soon

Ginny's Pedigree

Debdans Shades Of Blue
TR365550/02 06-07
Blue Fawn White Markings
McIntosh’s O’Gosh Debdans
TP282266/01 09-03
Cream White Markings
AKC DNA #V296260
CH McIntosh’s Royal Streak
TP015229/07 01-02
White Fawn Markings
AKC DNA #V214136
Pratt’s Jo-Jo Dancer
TN132512/03 09-95
Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V71936
Pratt’s Thriller
TC314720 03-86
Black & Tan
Pratt’s Piper Page
TM922379/03 11-94
McIntosh’s Susie Q LRM RRM
TN472818/01 03-99
Fawn Black Mask
Mattie’s Royal Bandit LRM
TN176659/02 12-95
Fawn & White
AKC DNA #V71940
Godsent Milli Langston
TN185203/02 03-97
Black & Tan White Markings
McIntosh’s Lisa Jo LRM
TN799935/01 10-00
Black White Markings
CH McIntosh’s Mystic Randy LRM
TN554636/04 11-98
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V71942
Bliss Beau Derricks Love Odg
TM981295/02 11-94
Black & Fawn White Markings
Dg’s Esperanza Y Amour
TN155024/01 01-97
Fawn & White
Hack’s Pack Smidgen ‘O Dusty
TM946459/01 03-98
Fawn Sable
CH Hack’s Pack Just’a Smidgen
TC372948 11-85
CH Gochenour’s Star Dust
TC368358 09-86
White & Sable
Debdans Hannah My Superstar
TR116712/04 05-04
Fawn White Markings
Tiny Mite’s Proud Yankee
TP196827/03 01-03
Black & Tan Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V265175
CH Tiny Mite’s Hurricane Mitch
TN772130/02 02-00
Black Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V201239
CH Patterson’s Little Poncho
TM534249/01 11-91
Tiny Mite’s Nicki Nik Nak
TN456155/01 01-99
Black Fawn Markings
Pierce Turner How Proud I Am
TN883199/06 09-01
Cream White Markings
CH Pierce’s Reggie I’Ve Got Class
TN591765/01 01-99
Black & Tan
Pierces Megan Mouse SC
TN410366/01 01-99
White Fawn Markings
Debdans Happy Hannah
TN426874/01 05-98
CH J C Steeley Dan
TM839112/02 02-93
Blue White Markings
CH J C H And J’Stop Brass
TD392325 11-91
J C Crystal Blue Persuasion
TD349172 04-91
Debdans Blue Doll
TN243741/01 12-96
Blue & Tan White Markings
J C Prince Charles
TM969830/01 09-95
White & Fawn
CH Debdans Cinnamon Doll
TD050039 12-89
Ace’s Sweet Little Blue Zoey Bear
TR592204/01 01-08
Blue & Tan White Markings
Ace’s Little Alex Bear
TR199167/02 03-05
Chocolate Blue Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V516069
Lytton’s Sugar Bear
TN399318/03 02-98
Black Sabled Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V168211
CH Mattie’s Bernard
TM631736/02 02-93
Fawn & White
AKC DNA #V128313
CH Royal Piper Of Belmuriz
TC622001 06-87
(United Kingdom)
Call’s Cruisin’ Susan
TC894561 03-91
White Fawn Markings
Rosita Perron
TN136896/03 01-96
Blue & Tan Black Mask
Amigo Lytton
TC935114 02-91
Blue & Fawn
Chubette Lytton
TN009664/04 11-94
Fawn Black Mask
G G’s Blue Sealy
TN804614/01 04-04
Blue White Markings
G G’s K-Nine Of Mine
TN501031/02 10-98
Black White Markings
Nancys Blue Harlan Of Hurd
TN146830/01 11-95
Fawn Blue Mask
High Diamond Florida Sand
TN348593/05 05-97
Fawn Spotted On White
G G’s Wishbone
TN618043/04 04-99
Black & White Fawn Markings
CH Miller’s Toy Mountain Buster CD
TC599279 04-88
Black & White
G G’s Little Oblena
TN380622/02 02-98
Fawn & White Spotted On White
Ace’s Little Sweet Pea
TR414129/03 04-07
Black & Tan White Markings
Spunky The Tiny Pup
TN441354/02 04-99
Black White Markings
AKC DNA #V136983
Tiny’s Tiger Boyl
TN227691/03 11-96
Blue & Tan
Lam’s Little BJ
TC774014 06-88
Blue & White
Jamaica Sunrise
TC812705 12-89
Simmon’s Spotted Lady
TN210446/02 01-97
Black & White
Bane’s Henric Of Shenadoah
TC989178 12-89
Hampshire’s Little Ms Lefty
TM890374/02 05-94
Black & Fawn White Markings
Clark’s Sadie Moose
TP201576/02 03-05
Fawn & White Spotted On White
Rudy Ruskin Of Stone Ridge
TN972267/04 10-01
Red White Markings
Appleheads Rudy Valentino
TN520130/01 09-98
Red White Markings
Dolly Pardog Of Applehead
TN321607/01 03-97
Fawn Spotted On White
Muchada Chili Pepper
TN100990/07 06-96
Black White Markings
Libertys Prince Charming
TD372392 01-92
Fawn & White
Devon’s Margo
TM738338/06 07-93
Black & White

Cuddle Balls

Back when I bought these organizers to use as dog beds never did I realize they would bring such adorable entertainment to me and my family. I don't know what it is about them but our Chihuahuas have the tendency to cram into them as many as possible to create cuddle...

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She Really Has Learned A Lot

Holy Guacamole! Alexis really has learned a lot since the last time that she groomed Ginny! She needed guidance and help in trimming her  but this time, it was only a couple of pointers and voila! A beautiful trimmed Ginny! Kristie helped her with the tail and a bit...

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Perfect Subject

Alexis brought Ginny to work with her yesterday so that she could get some one-on-one lessons on how to trim down a dog. She has been using the skills she learned two years ago to trim Ginny but come to find out, the lessons she previously received were not as ideal...

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