Figgy's Martini with Extra Olives

Olive arrived in January of 2015 and made her grand entrance when her mommy, Bubbles delivered her in a record breaking whelping. She is a special needs little girl that will warm your heart the moment you meet her. She will be staying here with us and warming our laps!

Registered Name: Figgy’s Martini with Extra Olives Nickname: “Olive”
Weight: 2.5lbs Coat: Long Coat

Bathing Beauty

Today I got to give Olive her final luxurious bath in the Figgy bathtub. I love this dog more than anything and I'm so happy Gail has agreed to bring her home with her. Keeping Olive safe and happy all that matters to me! And knowing I will still get to see her makes...

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So Good To Me

So I went out on the town last night and for the first time in forever, I wasn't wearing my Converse All- Stars or flip flops - I wore my big girls shoes! Heeled boots with open toes.  And it wasn't one of those "in and out of the restaurant" nights. We hit bars and...

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It’s Perfect!

Our sweet Olive has become rather overwhelmed in our home with so much activity. She has become quirky the older that she gets and finding her a quiet home with only one other dog to share a lap with is harder than you might think. It also had to be a home of a family...

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