Follow Hope's Journey

Hope is our sweet baby girl that was born on January 12, 2013 with a cleft lip. Unable to nurse from her mother, we are hand-raising this special puppy that has stolen our hearts and given us an amazing gift – HOPE!

UPDATE – Our Hope is all grown up and beautiful as ever! 

Another Fantastic Meet The Breed

This is been weekend of the year, I am not excited to share that the scene have Barbara created for us to use at the Meet the Breed booth at the AKC National Championships not only was amazingly fun to work again, it clearly was fun for those that visited as well....

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Stella’s First Show

The last two days I worked on getting Stella accustomed to the show site and to walking on a show lead AT A DOG SHOW! We got her walking beautifully at home. It's the show site that sends her into a tizzy. I had her walking on Thursday beautifully until a sudden move...

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She Needs More Help

The last 24 hours have been tough for little Flirt. Her mother KC has been at her side as she has become more more disoriented and scared. Clearly the pressure from the swelling in her brain is effecting her sight and her ability to find her food dish and water. It...

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Vaccine Time

We headed out to The Villages to day to see Doc - six puppies in one carrier in the back seat and one riding shotgun with me. Flirt is just too fragile to be cooped up with such rambunctious puppies. She and her mommy KC have been rathe inseparable while I have taken...

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Goal Achieved

Our special KC and Flint litter has reached the age of 8 weeks and their structure and temperament evaluations have been completed. We are still very concerned about Flirt and know that she could potentially pass away at any time. She is hydrocephalic and the openings...

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First Photo Shoot

I normally do a weekly photo shoot of the puppies born here and if you follow our blog you know that Hope is an exception to my rule. She is the first puppy to have en entire section of our website devoted to them. Formal photo shoots were the furthest thing from my...

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Successful Spend The Night

A spend the night is what my daughter calls sleep-overs with her friends. So with that being said, I am proud to announce that Hope spent the entire day yesterday and the entire night, downstairs in the pen with her half-sisters. Her first full night away from her...

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Eating On Her Own

This morning, I held back on Hope's first feeding to see if she would be inspired to go to the kibble. My gut feeling was dead-on because she stepped right up to the food bowl in the pen and started to chomp down along with her half-sisters! YAHOOO!! She worked her...

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Got It Down Pat

Hope has got this formula feeding thing down pat! She stands at attention, waiting patiently for the formula in the syringe and then proudly licks her chops when she has sucked it dry. Of course, once we put her back into the pen with the other puppies, they lick...

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